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Welcome to the San Diego Putting League!

If you like competitive putting then you have come to the right place. Here at the San Diego Putting League we hold putting competitions all over San Diego for cash and prizes. No matter what skill level you are at, you can still have fun competing in the San Diego Putting League. Come join the fun at the San Diego Putting League! To see our upcoming events visit our Events page. Thank you for visiting SanDiegoPuttingleague.com!

SDPL Points Leaderboard

1. Mike Gonzales28 Points
T2. Alfonzo Franco14 Points
T2. Kevin Cline14 Points
4. Larry Turley13 Points
T5. Johnny Hallak10 Points
T5. Manny S.10 Points
T5. Seth Woolsey10 Points
T8. Jeff Herz9 Points
T8. Chris Silke9 Points
T8. Brock Gillespie9 Points
11. Dave Lecroy8 Points

View the Results of our SDPL 2019 Championships – MSOP Direct Qualifier at the Loma Club!

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