The SDPL reserves the right to add, amend or change any of our rules at any time.  Our main rules include:

1. The game is only played on a putting surface.
2. The order of play alternates after each hole in any format, during the round or during a playoff.
3. A player may not mark and lift their ball when playing a hole.
4. A player must complete the hole before the next player can make a stroke at that hole.
5. A player may carry only one club.
6. The anchoring method is permitted in all MSOP events.
7. A player may adjust the position of their ball in the teeing area with his or her club.
8. No object is allowed under the ball. (no tees)
9. A player may not use a caddy and a player may not stand behind another player and look down their direct line.
10. If the event of a tiebreaker, a playoff may be conducted on or outside the course played.
11. Players are expected to play in a dynamic and noisy environment.