U.S. Open of Putting

U.S. Open of Putting

It is on! The tournament will be on September 13th, 2020 at Gillespie Putting Ranch. This is at 2237 Euclid Ave. – El Cajon, CA 92019. This is going to be a once in a lifetime putting competition. It is also my birthday on the 10th so I will be sort of celebrating that. We are going to have a maximum of 25 players. We will have two divisions. The pro division will require a $35 entry. The amateur division will cost $15 to enter. Phase 1 will start at 1:30 pm and will last until 5:00 pm. Players can play any of three nine hole courses as many times as they want. Make it into the top 10 on any of the three courses and you are guaranteed to advance to Phase 2. You can also make it into Phase 2 by finishing in the top 60% with ties in your own division.

Players who are late for Phase 1 may buy in directly to Phase 2 for double the normal buy in cost. Phase 2 will start at 5:15 pm. The scores will start over and we will do a 27 hole final. Players will play all three courses and the scores will be cumulative. The top 5 in the pro division will receive a cash payout. Sudden death playoffs will be played to obtain the top five players in the pro division. For the amateur division only the top 3 players will receive a cash payout. The first place winner in the pro division will receive a free entry into the 2020 SDPL / MSOP championships held at Cottonwood Golf Club on October 17th, 2020. The winner will also receive a free rebuy entry into the 2021 San Diego MSOP finals. 10% of the total cash pot for both divisions will go towards event staff, refreshments and supplies. Brock Gillespie will be competing but will not take a cash payout.

This will be a VIP putting experience like you have never seen before. The holes yield a roll that is true and extremely quick. Hence, this will be a true U.S. Open putting experience. All players will receive complimentary beer, sodas, water and carne asada tacos. We will have a cooling room where players can take a break from the heat. We will have custom scorecards and scoreboards. We have a very good speaker system that will be used for announcing and music. I have a girl working the event who will be helping with scorekeeping and getting players drinks when needed.

Covid-19 – We will try to adhere to as much social distancing as possible. I will have outdoor shaded areas where we will have tables and chairs setup. I will have sanitization stations in multiple areas on the course. The girl that is working the event will be sanitizing cups and other parts of the course throughout the day. Luckily, out here in the far East County San Diego, we have not had many Covid-19 cases. Regardless, I do kindly request that players where masks when they can. If a player decides not to wear a mask that is also okay. I will be wearing my mask off and on during the day. It is up to the players themselves to decide how they want to handle the mask thing. I will also ask that players stick to fist pumping or elbow bumps. I simply ask the players to be responsible in regards to all of these issues so everyone can stay safe.

We are requiring a sign up situation for this event because space is limited. First come, first serve. To sign up for this truly unique event please click on the link below:
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